'A world of freedom'

No matter how much we like to travel, few places compare to home. Imagine if everywhere you went was just like being at home. Imagine if everywhere your aircraft went, a welcome was already prepared. Falcon Aviation Services offers you the freedom of the skies through our aircraft management services. A dedicated crew at every airport; a team which operates, keeps up maintenance, selects your flight crew, trains, schedules your flight plans and follows your flight's every detail, as well as dispatching, refuelling, catering and coordinating every aspect of your itinerary so you can relax.

Helicopters, corporate jets or a first aircraft; whatever need, Falcon Aviation Services has the ideal solution to help you fully; so you continue to have all the control you'd expect, but without the day-to-day responsibility you'd rather not have to look after when you have other pressing matters weighing on your mind, and taking your time. We like to think that what we do for you allows you the pleasure of personalised flying whenever the fancy takes you, without the strain.

Falcon Aviation offers a complete menu of aircraft management services 

  • Flight Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Hangarage
  • Flight and Cabin Crew
  • Catering
  • Brokerage
  • Aircraft washing
  • CAMO
    • Technical Records
    • Maintenance Planning
    • Technical Publications
    • Technical Authoring
  • All flight permits and Handling


Falcon Aviation Aircraft Cleaning 

'Cleaning that doesn't cost the earth'

Falcon Aviation's Service Centre at Al Bateen also features spacious workshops, a dedicated logistics facilities, and a 25,000 square-foot, undercover wash-bay, for both interior and exterior wet or dry cleaning.

We have dedicated personnel to maintain the appearance of your aircraft with exterior and interior cleaning. In Falcon we offer dry wash which is an excellent method for protecting and preserving your aircraft to ensure your aircraft looks top-notch.

The bay has an environmentally-controlled drainage system, four-point pressure washing lines and a twenty-metre boom lift with a vertical stabiliser, that is fully plumbed to allow easy access to fuselage-tops. It provides an ideal location for your aircraft's full makeover.

What's more, our professional team, led by our highly-experienced management team, ensures we use only environmentally-friendly, biodegradable cleaning products, to ensure that you when you receive our full range of detailing and polishing services, there is a benefit both to you and the world around us.